Tuesday 21 July 2009

More Jellyfish: are they taking over the world?

A few days ago I posted about large numbers of large jellyfish in Scotland. This time the jellyfish are much, much larger and from Japan. They occur in such large numbers they have been referred to as a "jellyfish typhoon".

What's the problem? It cripples shipping boats and has "been known to disabling[sic] nuclear power stations by blocking the seawater pumps used to cool the reactors".

The original story is here.

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Jennifer Frazer said...

You didn't mention the best part!

"A company called Tango Jersey Dairy has even come up with a “slightly chewy” vanilla and jellyfish ice cream, which is created by soaking diced cubes of Echizen kurage in milk."

Never underestimate the power of the Japanese to make food from *anything* that comes from the ocean.