Tuesday 27 March 2012

From the blogs: Return of Waspzilla

From Bug Girl's Blog: Return of Waspzilla

"You might remember this story from last August, when the discovery of a species of Waspthulu was announced. The researchers just published the first paper describing this species. It’s name is now Megalara garuda. "

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In the News: Crunch ... it's lunch

From Times Live: Crunch ... it's lunch

"Thinking about supplementing your diet with the odd bug? SA's a good place to do it, says Tiara Walters

Welcome to South Africa - land of bobotie and bunny chow, malva pudding and morogo; pap and vleis ... and a devilishly delicious smorgasbord of some 50000 regional insect species.

With so much, er, grub about, one might even argue that it should be possible to end hunger in South Africa for good."

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