Monday 6 April 2009

Pink Phylliums

The leaf insects (family Phylliidae) are very interesting insects. I intend to write a more detailed article about them at some point, but thought you may want some eye candy.

After the post I made on pink katydids I mentioned to a palaeontologist in the pub that I'd seen photographs of pink leaf-insects. Well here they are...


Effie said...

omg these are so so so amazing i want them NOW!!!

Effie said...

wait this is not effie its melissa from effies account...!!

PSYL said...

Whoa! Those are such cool looking insects.

May I ask how did it get its colors? From food it eats or just genetic variation?

You have a very interesting blog about invertebrates! Very nice!

Ed said...

Colour changes in phasmids often come from their foods. A friend in Singapore commented on Facebook that in this case feeding them Eugeniua can cause the pink colouration.

The pink katydids however are due to genetics.