Monday 20 April 2009

New Beetle Newsletter

The first issue of Beetle News is available now. Haven't had time for a proper read but certainly seems pretty interesting (the focus is on UK beetles). The contents are as follows:

Review: British Scraptiidae
Warwickshire Coleoptera- an update
Somerset beetle records wanted
Some observations on the Orange Ladybird
Vivarium heat mats : a few suggested uses for the coleopterist
Cassida nebulosa Linnaeus (Chrysomelidae) in flight
News from recording schemes (Tenebrionoidea, Scirtidae, Stenini, Silphidae)
Beetle publications for free download
Beginner’s Guide Silphidae 1: Nicrophorus

The Beetle publications for free download may be worth a look, although the links are to home pages and not to the page you want.

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