Saturday 14 March 2009

Entom News

The latest edition of the Natural History Museum Entomology Department's newsletter, Entom News, has this to say:

"Ed Baker began a project funded by the Orthopterists’ Society to photograph exemplars of all cockroach taxa in the NHM collection, including all types. This work is being supervised by George Beccaloni and the images will go in to the Blattodea Species File Online ("

Perhaps I'm slowly becoming famous!


Moe said...

Cockroach taxa? Hmmm, the one bug I actually do not permit to be in my house...

You have a great blog, by the way. I couldn't decide which post to comment on so I just picked the first. I'm going to blogroll you. I'll be back (it's so hard to find good entomology blogs these days, and I haven't been able to post any bugs myself since it's been winter here for so long).

Ed said...

Only a tiny fraction of cockroaches can become pests, the rest are good to have around!

Glad you enjoy the blog, I try and keep a mixture of serious and fun posts.