Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Phasmid Studies 18(1&2)

Phasmid Studies Volume 18 is now available for download from the Phasmid Study Group website. This issue has been edited by myself and Judith Marshall.

The two indomalayan genera Tagesoidea Redtenbacher, 1908 and Eurynecroscia (Phasmatode: Anareolatae: Diapheromeridae: Necrosciinae)
Frank H . H ennemann & Oskar V. Conle

Necroscia perplexus (Redtenbacher, 1908) comb. nov. (Phasmatodea: Diapheromeridae: Necrosciinae), a new species to China 
 George Wai-chun Ho

Type specimens of phasmids in the National Zoological Survey of India collection (NZSI), Kolkata, India (Insecta : Phasmida)
Tushar K. Mukherjee & G. Sirinivasan

Description of female and egg of Sinophasma hainanensis Liu, 1987 (Phasmatodea: Diapheromeridae: Necrosciinae) 
George Wai-chun Ho