Thursday 2 June 2011

In the News: Ants found living inside girl's ears

From The Mirror: Ants found living inside girl's ears

DOCTORS have found almost 30 ants living in the ears of a teenage girl who loved snacking in bed. 
Fallen crumbs from the 16-year-old’s night-time treats tempted the insects into nesting in her ears. 
Medics found six in her left ear and more than 20 in her right after she went to a hospital in Taiwan with pain and itching. 
The ants were successfully removed and doctors said she was lucky to have no ­permanent damage. They also told her to stop eating in bed.
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The first comment on this article is priceless:

Thank goodness she had them removed. I recently read that Kevin Maguire and Jason Battie had the same problem a couple of years ago. Unfortunately they weren't treated in time and the ants ate most of their frontal lobes. They both now write for The Mirror under the Care In The Community Program.

Although in at least one study ants were not in the top six arthropods removed from ears. The 'winners'? Cockroaches.