Wednesday 13 January 2010

Calendar has arrived...

As I mentioned in a previous post, I ordered the StickTalk calendar which included my image of Eucles bifasciatus. Well, it has arrived!

I promised I'd review it, so here goes. Positive things first - it is printed on high quality card and the design is pretty professional. Some of the photographs however leave a great deal to be desired technically. It's good to have the insect in focus (preferably all/most of it in focus). This isn't the case in some cases, and it's a shame.

In fact it's not a shame, it's a travesty. There were some submissions that are excellent pictures but they didn't get included. I can only assume this is a product of the system of voting - perhaps next time it would be good to have a judging panel instead?

I'm aware this may sound like some sort of snobbery - but it's not. I'm the first to keep out of focus images, they can be useful (good enough to ID a species, a visual record of observations, etc), I just wouldn't have them on display around my desk.

On a slightly differnet note - we may have some examples of the first of the new Phasmid Study Group t-shirts and polo shirts at the meeting - assuming that they arrive on time!