Sunday 30 August 2009

Not the Heaviest Insect

Several news sources, mainly in Australia, have been reporting that a Macropanesthia cockroach (the one pictured is called Heathcliffe) may be a contender for heaviest insect in the world.

THIS IS NOT TRUE (at all). These cockroaches can sometimes approach a weight of 40g. The heaviest recorded phasmid (Heteropteryx dilatata) exceeds this weight regularly. Additionally many beetles weigh in excess of 50g, and some even 100g, so poor Heathcliffe has absolutely no chance at the title.

It is a pretty amazing cockroach though.


Moe said...

Always boggles my mind when they make claims that can so easily be checked or verified. Did they not ask an entomologist?

Ed said...

Obviously not!

It is however an impressive insect regardless.