Friday 29 May 2009

Mystery Inveretbrate from Costa Rica

I thought I'd give you all a quiz! Can you find and identify (just in colloquial terms) the invertebrate in this photo?


Jennifer Frazer said...

A slug? As a mushroom collector, these guys are my nemesis, but they are darn cute all the same.

Ed said...

Oh dear - seems some people are sending me replies by e-mail or on Facebook! Will try and think of a solution for next time. The first correct answer however was on here, and was ranatrafusca. If you contact me I will think of a suitable prize.

Other entries included various types of flat worm, a small snake, and someone who might have seen a harvestman.

Of course, there will be thousands of inverts in this photo - but it is a photo of a slug from the Santa Elena Reserve, Costa Rica.

Jennifer Frazer said...

I (ranatrafusca) sent you an email with my contact info using your blog's email contact form. Let me know if you didn't get it. : )